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Pray With Your Heart


Why Do We Pray a Decade

Miracle in America

The following videos detail four separate encounters where American protestants and atheists claimed they were visited by an angelic figure from Heaven. Each believed the heavenly visitor to be the Mother of our Redeemer, sent by God as we see the Lord sending angels to assist believers throughout scripture.

These individuals span four very different walks of life – The President of the United States, a murderer on death row, saw mill workers in Texas, and a Harvard Business School professor.

As it relates to the Saw Mill workers, Mission 180 is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can help us reconnect with those Ft. Worth laborers who claimed they were visited by Mary on November 7,1996.

Our aspiration is that through Mission 180, like these four individuals you too will emerge from this series with complete conviction in the reality and love of God and that your faith will be enkindled as theirs was, imparting to you the joy that surpasses all understanding from knowing Jesus


REWARD OFFERED: Help Us Uncover The 1996 Mystery of the Texas Saw Mill Workers


President George Washington Claims The Madonna Appears To Him


Death Row Inmate Claims The Mother of Jesus Appears to Him


Harvard Business School Professor Claims The Mother of Jesus Appears To Him


Praying for Miracles: Mission 180 staff prays for miracles for you


Here’s what parents, teachers, and community leaders have to say about MIssion 180
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"Thank you for this great series! Our biggest struggle as a family has been taking the time to pray, therefore this series has been perfect. My hope is that by setting a daily routine praying the Decade of the Rosary, that our kids can continue to build up their prayer life. Thank you!"
ParentFort Worth
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"This is a very uplifting series and has become a great part of my day whenever I need to take a break from everything. Our kids are watching the series with us, and it brings us such joy to see them sharing the faith. Continued blessings to you!"
Dave PalmerGeneral Manager of Guadalupe Radio DFW
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"I love Mission 180! I am the father of three children, and we all sit together and watch one of these videos at the end of the day. We are growing stronger in our faith, and growing stronger as a family because of Mission180. Thank you Mission180!"