The Power of Belief


Mission180 is a FREE series of 180 Catholic videos exploring the richness and beauty of the Catholic faith. If you are looking for short, inspiring, and FREE video content, this series is for you.
Mission180 is for any school, parish, parish leader, ministry leader, family, or individual looking for Catholic content they can use and share within their communities or their homes. How long is each episode? Each episode is roughly 6-8 minutes long.
Some of the topics we cover in the series include: Lives of the Saints, The Ten Commandments, Prayer, The Seven Sacraments, The Rosary, and more.

With the exception of a handful of episodes, each episode is presented by a priest from the Diocese of Dallas and the Archdiocese of Newark. The “lesson” takes up the first 2-3 minutes of each episode, which is then followed by the praying of a Decade of the Rosary.

To access all of the 180 episodes, we simply ask that you create a free account. Leave us your name, email, whether you represent a group or if you are an individual, and what city you are in. Once you authenticate your account, you will have access to all 180 episodes.